Professionals at DialOk handle the customer communications of nearly 350 Finnish and international customers. Here, you can find out about some of the solutions we have provided to our customers.

Switchboard Service for Comptel through Integration

Comptel is a software company specializing in telecommunications, which develops, sells and supplies software products and services that support the operations of teleoperators globally. The company employs more than 600 professionals in over 20 countries.

DialOk Communications provided Comptel with a switchboard solution through a Lync connection and XML integration. The aim was to improve the level of switchboard customer service, which was achieved by integrating the availability information and automated updates in personnel changes to the solution. The deployment meant that messages and calls during holidays and meetings not longer get lost, and the number of so-called marketing calls was reduced. Timed integration means that the company no longer needs to use its own resources to create personnel updates.

"We have improved the reachability of our personnel significantly. Integration enabled a switchboard service that works and addresses our needs. DialOk's professional customer service and fine-tuned operating models have ensured an excellent switchboard service that was easy to take into use," states Real Estate Coordinator Jyrki Liikkanen from Comptel.

Plan International Finland Uses DialOk's Switchboard Service

Plan International is one of the oldest and largest children's development organizations in the world. Working in 70 countries, the non-sectarian organization improves the lives and protection of children, especially girls, in developing countries.

"We can warmly recommend the switchboard service of DialOk Communications, which we have successfully partnered with for a number of years. The service is fast, professional and friendly, allowing us to concentrate on our core activities," states Plan International Finland.

Picnic Receives Positive Feedback for Friendly Switchboard Service

Picnic is a Finnish family-owned company, which has expanded into one of Finland's largest fast casual lunch café chains. Picnic makes use of DialOk's switchboard service.

"DialOk takes care of the switchboard operations of our three affiliated companies, and sometimes it seems they are better aware of who can be reached inside the organization than me. After beginning our collaboration, there has been no negative feedback internally, while externally the feedback has been very positive, praising the friendly and professional switchboard. It is easy to agree on things and develop activities towards increasing customer orientation," comments Anna Wahlroos-Jaakkola, CEO of Picnic.

Leading Public Transport Companies Rely on Our Switchboard and Customer Service

Public transport operators have a great deal of customers, and customers who get in touch with the companies have diverse needs, ranging from customer feedback to lost property and everything in between. Switchboard and customer service personnel need the right expertise, language skills and attitude. In addition, the underlying technology needs to run smoothly every day of the year.

DialOk takes care of the switchboard of leading public transport companies as well as manages customer feedback and damage reports. A fee-based 0600 number is in use for lost property. The revenue of the service covers almost all of the costs incurred by lost property queries.

Our Customers:

Transdev Finland
The company is part of the global Transdev Group, which delivers leading road, rail and ferry passenger services in 21 countries.

Nobina Finland Oy
Nobina Group is the leading public transport operator in the Nordic Countries. In Finland, the company operates in the metropolitan region, with over 1,000 employees and 400 buses.