Other Business Services

For the sake of company productivity, it is important that the company’s operations are optimally efficient and purposeful. We offer customer experience metrics and back office services to support the development of your business.

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Tarjoamme back officen ja asiakaskokemuksen mittaamiset palvelut liiketoimintasi kehityksen tueksi.
DialOk:n back office -palvelu laittaa paperipinot kuriin.

Back Office Services

Routine office tasks and paperwork often lack an active executor. However, growing piles of paperwork, pending entries, and important updating tasks are crucial for the daily operations and visible functions of the office.

What does your company’s back office look like? DialOk’s helping hands are capable of both project-based and routine office support tasks.

Measuring Customer Experience

Every company aims to deliver a top-notch customer experience. However, the service experience may appear very different to your customers than it does internally within the company. Is your company living up to its customer promises? Ask your customers to find out where successes and shortcomings lie.

Hyvä asiakaskokemus vaatii tietoa. Asiakaspalvelua voi mitata mystery shopping -tutkimuksella.