Professional Customer and Switchboard Services for Over 20 Years

DialOk is dedicated to becoming the foremost provider of top-tier multichannel customer service solutions in Finland. As customer service expectations and requirements continue to evolve, our commitment remains steadfast in embracing trends towards 24/7 availability, multichannel communication, and sales-driven call center operations.

Outsourcing your communication services presents a straightforward avenue for enhancing your company’s accessibility, efficiency, and profitability. We specialize in crafting bespoke accessibility solutions tailored to your company’s needs, ensuring an elevated standard of customer care.

Proudly part of SFG Yhtiöt, we invite you to explore our affiliated company, Line Carrier!

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Goal-Oriented and Customer-Centric Approach

Central to our company ethos is the genuine appreciation and respect we hold for our customers, translating into tangible actions. We approach our commitments to clients with not only responsibility but also purpose and passion, striving to cultivate enduring partnerships. Through collaborative and interactive cooperation, we consistently deliver optimal results.

We champion Finnish craftsmanship and proudly bear the Finnish Key Flag symbol. Employing a team of skilled customer service professionals, we provide invaluable support to numerous Finnish enterprises. The Key Flag accreditation underscores our commitment to local production and employment.

Avainlippu on Suomalaisen Työn Liiton merkki suomalaisesta palvelusta ja työstä.

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Oy DialOk Communications Finland
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DialOk Personal Oy (Former Avaca Oy)
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Oy DialOk Communications Finland
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DialOk Personal Oy (former Avaca Oy)
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