Outsourced Outbound Call Campaigns

Companies that respond quickly to change strengthen their positions in the market. Outbound calling campaigns serve as an excellent tool for customer relationship management, customer acquisition, B2B lead generation, fundraising, customer surveys, and appointment scheduling.

An outbound campaign, at its best, can yield up to four times the return on investment compared to costs.

DialOk provides efficient and effective outbound campaigns tailored to reach your target audience in Finland. Contact us and let’s talk more!

DialOk tarjoaa käyttöösi tavoittavat ja tehokkaat outbound-kampanjat.

What is outbound?

Would you like to learn more about your customers or upsell to existing ones? Are you seeking ways to enhance new customer acquisition? Do you want to assist your customers in scheduling appointments? Are you looking for a booking service to reach potential customers?

In outbound customer relationship management, a company takes an active role in reaching out to customers and stakeholders directly via telephone. Outbound can be used for contacting both new and existing customers.

Customer contact and acquisition are often managed within companies alongside other customer relationship management and sales tasks. However, there may not always be enough resources or expertise internally for strategic approaches, follow-up, reporting, and continuity.

An outsourced outbound partner handles customer contact professionally and systematically, always in line with your brand’s values. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

outbound soittokampanjat

Better customer experience, not cold calls

Outbound customer relationship management does not mean just cold calling. When executed with a professional partner, customer acquisition campaigns are based on a customer-centric and service-oriented approach, where the customer is the priority.

Outbound campaigns can add value to customers by proactively serving them before they contact the company themselves. When contacting customers, it’s an opportunity to get to know them better, gather information about their needs, and find opportunities for upselling.

The objectives of our outbound campaigns always adhere to the company’s brand communication guidelines. In a good outbound calling campaign, customers are not forcefully bothered but are instead provided with a useful and pleasant customer experience.

Proactive customer relationship management: What can outbound service be used for?

Appointment scheduling

Outbound is versatilely suitable for various industries for booking appointments and meetings.


Fundraising requires people and donations. Outbound calling campaigns are an effective addition to the fundraising toolkit.

Updating customer records and customer surveys

Is your customer database up to date? Through outbound calling campaigns, you can learn more about your customers and keep your customer data up to date.


Guaranteed results with outbound campaigns

Our outbound service starts with a pilot phase, where we first familiarize ourselves with the client company’s business and core message. The objectives of the pilot phase are defined together.

Successful outsourcing can lead to the creation of an entirely new business model or customer relationship management process for the company.

The costs of the service can be tied to a Money Maker guarantee. The Money Maker guarantee ensures that the costs of outsourced outbound align with the revenues generated through the service, thus preventing unnecessary expenses. This ensures that costs always remain at the right level.