Outsourced Customer Service

Outsourcing your customer service operations is a strategic move to streamline resources and drive cost-effectiveness. By entrusting these tasks to seasoned professionals, you free up valuable time and resources to focus on your core business objectives.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s common for companies to face a surge in customer inquiries that surpass their capacity to handle efficiently. As customer demands escalate, the traditional response of hiring more staff leads to increased costs and detracts attention from essential business functions. Outsourcing your customer service functions enables you to provide top-tier service to all your customers, regardless of volume.

DialOk provides outsourced customer service in Finland. Out service languages are Finnish, Swedish and English! Contact us to find out more.

Customer service outsourcing in Finland

Why Choose Outsourced Customer Service?

Delivering exceptional customer service involves not just meeting but anticipating customer expectations, needs, and preferences. Modern consumers demand swift assistance across multiple channels, around the clock.

A superior customer experience sets your company apart from competitors and fosters customer loyalty.

Every missed call or message is costly for a business. Customers feel let down, sales opportunities are lost, and the company’s reputation suffers. Customer service is expected to meet high standards. Can your company meet the demands of multi-channel customer service?

Human-to-Human Customer Service with DialOk

Our multi-channel customer service solution provides an easy way for your company to improve the availability, functionality, and profitability of your services in all situations. Accessibility also improves when customers can contact your company in a way that suits their needs.

Our outsourced customer service includes multi-channel customer service channels in addition to traditional call centers. We serve customers through various channels such as phone, email, chat, and social media.

Customer service can be fully outsourced or handled as overflow, where outsourced customer service handles inquiries during peak times, evenings, or weekends.

Outsourced Multi-Channel Customer Service


Customer service interactions still largely occur over the phone. Our skilled customer service agents handle inquiries on your behalf and guide your customers in your company’s voice.


Chat services are especially useful in supporting online shopping. Low-barrier chat support facilitates the buying process, creates opportunities for upselling, and is available immediately when assistance is needed.


Email is a secure and approachable service channel. Our agents handle inquiries, reservations, and complaints that come through email, among other tasks.

Social media

Customers seek and expect information quickly and easily on social media channels. Our platform enables monitoring of social media channels and customer service right where your customers are.

Outsourced Customer Service Solution includes the following core features:

  • Multi-channel customer service (phone, email, SMS, chat, social media)
  • Phone service announcements and queue music
  • Quality monitoring and customer service agent coaching
  • Monthly service reporting
  • Service level monitoring
  • DialOk offers outsourced answering services for customer service and switchboards.

Enhance Customer Understanding with Service Extensions

Service extensions can provide more customer insight, strengthen customer relationships, or generate additional sales for your products or services. Service extensions are agreed upon separately as part of the service specification.

Customer service solutions can be expanded with additional services:

  • Call recording and listening portal
  • Extended reporting
  • Callback service
  • Outbound calling campaigns
  • Customer surveys
  • Back Office services

Expertise from Finland

All of DialOk’s cheerful customer service agents work from Finland, and we have been awarded the Key Flag symbol as a sign of domestic work.

We employ customer service agents from various parts of Finland, including Oulu, Turku, and Kuhmo.

The Key Flag is a mark of Finnish service and work by the Association for Finnish Work.

Avainlippu on Suomalaisen Työn Liiton merkki suomalaisesta palvelusta ja työstä.

Comprehensive Customer Service Solutions from a Single Source

Consolidate your operations with DialOk, where you can access comprehensive customer service resources and cutting-edge technological solutions—all under one roof. We handle every aspect of your customer service needs, from scheduling and technical support to sales and back-office functions, seamlessly integrating them with the latest technological tools.

Our sister company, Line Carrier, provides technical solutions for customer service, such as connections, service and company numbers, and modern customer service systems.

Need peace of mind for your customer service? We can help!

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